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Dye-Sublimation Printing Services

Large format printing is by far cheaper than your traditional A4 or A3 system. Even with a Bulk Ink System attached to your printer, it will still work out cheaper to have large runs of prints produced from a large format dye-sublimation system.

Why spend 30 minutes setting up your printer when it will take you 1 minute to e-mail the file to your printing specialisits, Everything Vibrant. Setting up a large run on an A4 or A3 System takes it’s time. You are constantly having to check the printer to ensure there are no errors and colours are correct.

All our Digital Printing is printed in house so there are no long waiting periods. Depending on the quantity, we can have all printing completed between 2 - 4 business days.

Same day and next day pickup is available but charges do apply.


Have a large run of Coffee Mugs / Stubby Coolers / T-shirts to print with sublimation?

We can print the Dye-Sublimation prints for you (for a very low price I might add) and have them delivered right to you door. 

Get cost affective prints in 3 easy steps!


Large Format Heat Pressing

Whats the use of printing all these dye-sub prints if you can't heat press them onto your material. We have options to help you.

Print full contonious rolls of material through the roll press.

Maximum Width of 1.6M

Minimum of 20 Meters

Print panels of material at a maximum size of 1.4m X .8m

Superb print quality

Perfect for smaller runs